Number of Bitcoin ATMs increased 80% by 2020

The growing number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world is evidence of the interest that the use of cryptomoney is arousing.

The number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world continues to grow at a rapid pace. Compared to last year, the increase was 80% despite the problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A curious fact of these figures presented by CoinATMRadar, is that the rate of installation of these ATMs is 25 per day. Seen from another angle, this means that every hour a new ATM is installed somewhere on the planet. The current number of these machines is 11,700.

The country with the largest number of Immediate Bitcoin ATMs installed is the United States, where 79.1% of the total is concentrated. Within the territory of the United States, there are currently about 9,259. In other countries like Canada, there are also a large number.
Countries with the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs

Currently, the number of ATMs that dispense fiat in exchange for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is spread throughout the world. These are the five main places with the highest amount.

  • United States: 9,493 ATMs, representing 81.1% of the total.
  • Canada: 962, for 8.2%.
  • United Kingdom: 289, for 2.4%.
  • Austria: 150, for 1.2%.
  • Spain: 113, for 0.9%.

Among Latin American countries, Colombia stands out, a nation that has 60 Bitcoin ATMs installed within its territory. The list continues with Panama and the Dominican Republic with 16, Argentina with 13 and Mexico with 10 ATMs.
The number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world continues to increase at a rate of approximately one per hour. Source: CoinATMRadarThe number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world continues to increase at a rate of approximately one per hour. Source: CoinATMRadar CoinATMRadar

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Comparisons with 2019

By this time, in 2019, the number of Bitcoin ATMs reached 6,372. Meanwhile, the growth of the figure between then and now is 80%. All of this shows the increase in interest in cryptology.

Having been the best asset this year, Bitcoin has awakened the desires of many merchants to receive it. Much of that interest has been motivated by news about large investors putting their capital into this digital currency.

Similarly, the movements around Bitcoin are already widely known, as they are talked about openly in the press. For example, the service offered by PayPal on its platform has been one of the biggest propagandistic drivers of digital currencies.

This is one of the reasons why the United States is the place where there are the most ATMs. The number of Bitcoin ATMs is also expected to grow in Europe, given the money printing measures that could threaten an inflationary cycle.

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Africa is projected

Another place where a great potential is projected regarding the use of cryptomonies is Africa. In the two main economies of that continent, South Africa and Nigeria, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has been growing even faster than in nations where this cryptomone is widely traded.

Finally, it should be noted that there are two main manufacturers of these dispensing equipment. The first one is Genesis Coin, which has installed more than 4,000 ATMs. Close by, with some 3,400 ATMs, is the firm General Bytes.

It is expected that the proportional number of them, will continue to rise in direct relation to the increase of Bitcoin’s popularity.

Data to take into consideration

The first Bitcoin ATM was installed in 2013 in the United States, and since then, the number has not stopped growing.
Currently, there are a total of 11,700 of these ATMs worldwide.
In this type of dispensing equipment, you can buy and exchange Bitcoin and other cryptosystems, as well as fiat money.
Colombia is the nation with the largest number of Bitcoin ATMs installed in Latin America. To date, Colombia has about 60 ATMs.

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