White Paper Bitcoin turned 12 years old

An uninteresting project appeared on the leading resource of opsorption coding Sourceforge.net. It seems that its author does not suffer from a lack of ambition – he took up neither much nor little, and reinvented … money!

This is how the author himself, a certain s_nakamoto, describes this project:

Bitcoin Crypto Profit is a new form of electronic cash, which uses a peer-to-peer network to prevent the problem of „double spending“. The system is fully decentralised, without any server or central authority.

At first glance, this is of course another attempt to „reinvent the bike“, which is already abundant on the Internet. Most likely, like many fruitless attempts in this area before it, this system simply does not work in practice. But perhaps this inconspicuous project with unclear prospects still deserves a bit of your attention. Why, we will try to explain it to you now.

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